A Rubber Mistress is not just about wearing a latex dress during a session, it is about having all the tools, instruments and skills in using them, to ensure the most bizarre journey into sexuality. 

I believe latex, and heavy rubber, is the material of the sexuality of the future. It enhances and transforms the human form, conveying a sense of the supernatural and superhuman, which is exactly what fascinates me about the world of BDSM...

Also, latex, covered in slippery and sensual shine, is the unrivalled material for restrictive heavy rubber bondage and sensory deprivation play, here is where my sensual and sadistic fetishes reach their utmost orgasmic visual effect.

As my passion and interests are revolving around Heavy Rubber Play and Bondage, I'm making sure that all these requisites are met, so that any rubber player can step into my London Studio strip himself off his everyday mundanity and being transformed into the most desirable rubber sexual object.

Amongst My Rubber Collection in men's sizes:
Seriouskit Vacsuit
Seriouskit Vachood
Sleep Sacs 
Infatable Sleepsacs
Vacuum Bed
Bizarre Hoods
Latex Catsuits of various colors and sizes with matching basic Latex Hoods
Dollification Latex Catsuits with Silicon Breast Forms
Torpedo Bras of various colours
Heavy Rubber Corsets
Opera gloves in various colours, Short gloves, Chlorinated Heavy Rubber Gloves, Inflatable Mittens, a selection of Heavy Rubber Mittens
Socks and Toe Socks
Moulded Stockings and Tailored Seamed Stockings
Doll Skirts, with Color Coordinated Tops
Latex Doll Mask, including Mpicsmedia Mask
Heavy Rubber Strait Jackets of various sizes
Heavy Rubber Posture Collar
Gas Masks, Anaesthesia Masks and Harness Mask.

As a compulsive pleasure seeker, I consistently aim to expand the collection of the tools necessary to my Artistry, as I absolutely revel in the empathy I feel with my subs and playthings when we're together as heavy rubber mistress and rubber sub, in that special place, where nothing matters, apart from the highs of rubber bliss.

As a Mistress and a Rubberist I'm finely attuned into this wonderful world of bizarre sexuality. Here is where I take the lead that gets into my subject's head, a zone that is inhabited by nothing but the sound of our breath, the sibilation through the tubes, the murmurs through the gas masks, the sensuality of my commanding voice: a commixture that is almost ethereal. The ascension to a sphere of heightened sensuality, via the denial of it.

And this is a challenge that always inflames my fervid and fertile mind.

Teaser clip above of a real time rubber play, produced by Me.

Lot's of breath play, sensory deprivation, edging and milking by a very adept Rubber Mistress