Welcome to Dr Deviant's Rubber Clinic, where rubber is the rule along with Medical Fetish of the highest order. 
If you are seeking for your body morphed in the most bizarre rubbery way, your chemistry modified, manipulated by my expert latex gloved hands and my wicked imagination, you need to book an appointment in my Rubber Clinic.

I am a body chemistry controller and I feed my perverse desires on the tumultuous chemical cocktails the mind of my subs concoct in the midst of trust and a sense of fear...

The thrill is stepping out of the comfort zone, transmuting that fear in excitement - the most intoxicating form of desire, relinquishing total control of the senses to the ultimate endorphin experience.

I am the specialised practitioner who will guide you to special place in your mind where the borders of your consciousness blur into the darkness of the tubes, where you become your own breath, hopelessly seduced by my black rubber glove pushing a Black Beauty over your mouth.

I specialise, and have extensive experience, in:
* Behavioural Therapy
* Breath Control
* Medical Breath Play
* Anaesthesia Role Play
* Aromas Administering
* Dental Examinations
* Needle Play
* Stapling
* Catheterisation - Bladder Draining and Refilling (Ask me details)
* Urine Recycling
* Prostate Multiple Milking - Seriouskit Milker
* TENS Treatments
   (Extensively equipped,
     Insertables and Trans-Cutaneous)
* Anal Therapies - Introductory and Advanced
* Enhanced Enemas
* Fisting Practices

Dr Deviant is open to discuss your most obscure and perverse symptoms, I'm unshockable.

Please, do not ask for illegal practices.

In the video above, I explain the ins and outs of Breath Control via the closed Circuit Machine.
If you thought that the only contact with the outside world when fully enclosed in rubber, were your nostrils and your lungs, you will need to rethink this concept again.
There's absolutely no connection with the outside world when I lock your breathing in the system and make you rebreathe via the CO2 absorber.
Your one and only contact with the outside world will be Me and Me only.