This is one of the fetishes where I differentiate and distinguish myself, being gifted with an impeccable and exquisite sense of style, a meticulous care about the way I look and perfected make-up skills for myself as well as the male longing for feminization.

It is not a parody that I like to create, but a feminine creature morphed from the male body through the aid of all those secret stratagems that women exploit.

This is where I like to instigate your narcissism to its pinnacle, as I take enormous pleasure in seeing you staring at the mirror with lustful desire for your unveiled persona. That makes me feel a true Goddess, as only The Goddess has the power of creation. I would then be satisfied with nothing but adoration and unconditional surrender of yourself.

Your newly created self is mine and mine only to play with, pushing boundaries at all times, instigating public displays, trip to town for girly shopping and ludically coercing into bi-sexuality, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Feminization is fun and its key to fulfilment is always the one of a good chastity devise, especially if my fancy takes you to a little cuckoldry.

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