Strap-on and the whole spectrum of Anal Play, including Fisting are a huge turn on of mine.

I view Anal Play, Strapon and Fisting the most carnal and personally involving sexual activities, as they are always a challenging adventure in the labyrinths of the flesh. To me this is a terrain where subverting opposite gender identities perverts the predictability of the sexual roles, which inhibits the discovery of our true sexual self.

For these reasons, I deeply enjoy Anal Play, yet in full respect of your limits.

As a sex technology enthusiast, I have an ever growing collection of the finest tools at my disposal which, in my expert hands, inspire the most creative and varied types of play in this area.

My imagination matches the extensive variety of toys I employ, as the exploration of different sensations and pleasures of the anus are most enjoyable for me too.
In my collections there are toys of all sizes and materials to indulge in the most various games from electric to temperature play, from medical stretching steel tools, to the inflatable ones, from tunnel plugs, anal beads and colon snakes, to all the different types of lube that are suitable to each and one of them!

I think all men should get over their sexual taboo related to their arses and enjoy this truly hedonistic pleasure. Any man should know that anatomically the G-Spot in the male body is the prostate gland, which can only be reached through the man's anus, and will give him unprecedented sensations during his climax.
And, if you've never had an Anal Orgasm (orgasm in the anus), it's about time you tried to have one!

Ultimately, I have acquired ample knowledge after all the years of experience in this kind of play, I will sense your limits and how far I can push your boundaries at the very first exchanging of emails.

So, if you are a consummate player, or a novice who would like to explore this incomparable pleasure, get in touch, you will like it very, very much!