Miss Velour

Miss Velour

Ohhh... Mistress...!

Video clip from a Heavy Rubber scene at my London Rubber and Bondage Studio.

The clip has been produced, filmed and edited by me. My testimony that I breathe creativity and I'm always refining my many talents as a Rubber Mistress, creating a unique journey through every meander of a true submissive's sexuality. Of course, only those who are so fortunate to be included in my rubber toy collection.

Heavy Rubber and SeriousKit Sessions

Heavy Rubber Sessions are all about the intensity, which fully transpires in this video - produced, filmed and edited by me.
As a creative Rubber Mistress, SeriousKit Equipment is another arrow in my kinky bow.
What makes my sessions truly unique, apart from the outstanding equipment, is my deep understanding of the rubber submissive longings. Since being an adept Rubber Fetishist myself, I'm able to deliver an overload of the most intense sensations straight from my deviant soul. And I take great pleasure from them.


Here, I've used SeriousKit SPT and the Bipolar Nipple Cylinders, all electroconductive, sucking and pulsating. The EStim plug and electroconductive rubber ball ring.
I've administered the poppers via my vintage Halothane Vaporiser in the StudioGum 2mm rubber hood. A high-end visual and technicaly outstandingl combination.
All of these items available now at my London Rubber Studio.

To book a mind blowing session with me, contact me via my Contact Page, describing your fetishes and desires.

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