I am your Goddess of Pain and Pleasure.
Are you prepared to meet my very high demands and standards? I know that you, mere slave, will inevitably fail to meet all that is required of it. I will have to continue to discipline and punish you and try to get you at least somewhere near to the perfection that I require.

Disciplining my slave is a refined art and I do it with reasoned deliverance and sentiment. Furthermore, being a sensual sadist, I have an innate faculty in crafting the sensations of pain and pleasure around each individual and the skills in creating intoxicating biochemical cocktails that enslave you to my sadistic appetite. I enjoy watching your responses and reactions and the begging for more or mercy. This makes the nectar that inebriates me.

The sensory overload, the sound of impact - almost beating at unison with your heart, the heavy breathing, the subliminal scent of fear and abandon filling the room, the shine of your sweaty skin and your eyes drifting into space and back to me, in the only dimension that there is, ours. This is what galvanises me when inflicting pain and knowing that I'm moulding you in the perfect slave.

My chosen slaves benefit of my profound knowledge of what occurs on a visceral level in human existence and of my skills which elevate the self to higher spheres of consciousness through the juxtaposition of pain and pleasure, heightening our material selves to the ethereal and the divine. I love to reach those dimensions in total empathy with my subjects through the sublime poetry of pain.