Boot Worship

Boot Shining at the OWKBoot Shining at the OWK

This is a photo album only. In it there are 13 beautifully photographed images from my trip to The Other World Kingdom.
Here, I'm using one of the resident shoe shiner to do what he does best, but, as I get... Read more

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Sploshing at the OWKSploshing at the OWK

This is an image only album of my epic visit to the Other World Kingdom.
There are 28 beautifully photographed snapshots of a poor slave being covered with creamy food and made to eat it from the floor and from... Read more

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Ordeals for Ownership Part 4Ordeals for Ownership Part 4

There is a special something an aspirant slave should have in order for me to even contemplate ownership. This sissy pain slut has struck a cord, but I'm still pondering wheather I should collar him, or... Read more

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Panties Sniffer Punishment Part 2Panties Sniffer Punishment Part 2

It is never a good idea being caught by Mistress sniffing her panties sitting on a butt plug! She will always find out and the punishment will be severe.

Cock and ball torture, corporal punishment, nipple... Read more

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